Helping People Have Happy Commutes, Improving Quality of Life

October 10, 2008 at 10:34 am

Is your organization interested in collaborating on a pedestrian, bicycle or transportation demand management project or program?

Or are you dealing with employee commuting and/or parking issues at your business or organization?  Wondering how to get started (or get your employees started) doing more walking, biking, carpooling, telecommuting or taking public transit?

Or just thinking about your household and considering owning one less car?

Owned and operated by Sarah Cushman (she/her) – a transportation planner, educator, consultant and former ASE Master-Certified auto mechanic – Cushman Transportation Consulting, LLC serves as a source of solid information and help with transportation planning, promotion, choice-making and changes.

Sarah offers:

  • Pedestrian, bicycle and Transportation Demand Management project and program assistance
  • Exploration of individual and organizational transportation needs, financial impacts and solutions
  • Training and consultations for using – and planning for and encouraging the use of – active transportation (biking, carpooling, taking public transit, walking, telecommuting, etc.)
  • Environmentally-responsible and financially savvy car maintenance and driver education

The bad news we all know: heavy financial burdens are being put on businesses and tax-payers for roads and parking, fuel costs are tough to manage, middle-income earners spend 30% of their income on transportation (and lower-income households spend 40% on average), drive-alone commutes are hard on mental health, obesity rates are soaring, and 40% of local air pollution and 54% of climate-changing carbon emissions come from transportation sources.

The good news is that we – as organizations and as individuals – have practical transportation options that save us money, improve our mental and physical health, and make our communities more livable.

Let’s talk about the possibilities for your particular situation. Together we can create happier commutes and an improved quality of life.

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