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Firing Your Car Up for Spring: keep your carpool happy (and reliable) with these smart car care tips

Guest article for Go Maine Nation e-Newsletter

It’s spring – an important time to do some every-six-months checks and maintenance on your car or truck.   Who wants to put more cash into their vehicle?  You do.  Painful though it may seem to consider, a little money spent now to keep your vehicle properly maintained will save you spending a lot more on unforeseen and calamitous repairs, quite literally, down the road.

What should you take care of?  Vehicle checks that will keep you from preventable breakdowns – and services that will extend the life of your car or truck.  To demystify what’s best for your vehicle – use this cheat-sheet maintenance table to work from.  Compare it with what you know has been done recently for your car, and go from there.  For example, make sure to check your tire pressures, get an oil change if it’s been more than 3 months, do all the checks listed in the Spring column, and then also get your cooling system flushed if it’s been over two years since it was last done and your system uses regular (green) coolant.

And remember, don’t groan when repair needs are discoveredInstead, thank your service technician for finding them during the convenient hours and location of having your car or truck already in his or her service bay (versus at night on the side of the highway, for example).  Stay on top of these simple checks and services and you’ll feel all that much better as you and your carpool roll down the windows and enjoy those warm spring rides.

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