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Crowd-sourcing for Bike Parking – Where Do You Need It?

Lollypop-bike-stand-2Ever had trouble finding a place to park your bike somewhere in Portland?  I always feel that way when I visit the Rite Aid on Congress across from the old Cathedral School (can’t fit my cable lock around those huge shopping center columns).  Or when I attend an event at the Abromson Center at USM and there’s only a utility sign post to hook up to out front (from my understanding of it, the University powers-that-be were unwilling to sacrifice a parking garage spot for bike parking – although the official story is that it’s because of liability concerns.)

So here’s your chance to let the City know where you need bicycle parking! The Bike Parking Subcommittee of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee has set up a Google Map page to “crowd-source” locations where bike parking is needed. It does require a (free) Google account, but they decided it’s probably the best way to go, given simplicity and ease of use.

Here’s the link to go to work.  Just drop a pin at locations where you think bike parking is needed or should be increased.  Bruce Hyman, the City Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, says that the city is looking to install new racks this fall based on all of our recommendations.

So just think back on any frustrations looking for bike parking in the past year and make sure to post your suggestions!

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