April 29, June 3 & 4: Your Chance to Feel Confident Riding a Bike in Traffic!

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Cycling Savvy courses offered in Maine for riders of all abilities are NOT to be missed! Here are more on offerings this spring and early summer. The initial classroom session, Truths & Techniques of Traffic Riding, is scheduled for Saturday April 29, from 9 AM to Noon. The full course (all 3 sessions) is also scheduled for Saturday, June 3 and Sunday afternoon June 4. Register now.

Here’s more perspective on the 3-part course from the fabulous John Brooking:

Do you like the idea of biking more for transportation, but are scared of traffic? You’re not alone!

Many people would like to ride more, but cite traffic as their #1 concern. How can riding in traffic be safe?

CyclingSavvy is a course designed to help cyclists understand how to make safe riding possible. Through knowledge and guided practice, we can turn anyone who knows how to stay upright on a bike into a savvy bicyclist who can operate in any traffic situation with confidence.

Our classroom session includes:

  • The foundational principles of traffic movement
  • What the law allows and doesn’t allow for bicyclists
  • Common crash types and how to avoid them
  • Strategies for common and less common situations

All this in just 3 hours of classroom instruction, costing $45. No bike required.

Are your bike handling skills a little shaky?

Next, we progress to a parking-lot based session, where you can practice such skills as using your brakes and gears, “training your bike” to give you more confidence in its physical operation. This is a useful session even if you are only interesting in riding on off-road paths. You may take this session whether or not you’ve already taken the classroom.

This session is also 3 hours and $45.

Putting It All Together

Once you have taken both the classroom and skills sessions, we put everything together in a group bike Tour of Portland. You get to practice what you’ve learned in a series of real-world locations, with your instructor’s guidance, and your new friends cheering you on. It is not a test, there are no grades; just you proving to yourself that you got this!

If you sign up for all 3 sessions together — classroom, skills, and Tour — you get everything for $95, $40 savings from 3 individual sessions.

Questions? Send them to johnbrooking4@gmail.com. Register here.

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Thanks to Maine Cyclist for Feature on Family Bicycling Sabbatical Whether you’re a new or experienced cyclist, CyclingSavvy classes can teach you confidence

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