For Employers

  • Looking for simple tax-free or low-cost ways to offer benefits to talented employees?

  • Searching for ways to reduce parking needs and costs – or need to complete a Transportation Demand Management Plan?

  • Want to encourage team building and improve employee reliability and physical & mental health – plus decrease time spent on personal business?

  • Looking for ways to boost your environmental and public health stewardship as an institution?

Save time, money, and stay ahead of the game with these consultations.

Listed are two of Cushman Transportation Consulting, LLC’s most popular packages – all can be adjusted to your business or organization’s particular circumstance.  And if you think of something else you would like to set up – feel free to ask:

  • $55/hour – TDM Planning & Encouraging the Use of Alternate ModesFor businesses or organizations interested in reducing parking, health care, and payroll costs; employee team building; reducing your carbon footprint; and/or completing volunteer or required Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plans.  Can include:
    • strategic and/or Transportation Demand Management (TDM) planning for broad transportation choice
    • assessment of business or organization-related automobile trips and transportation needs
    • assistance with setting up federal qualified tax-free transportation fringe benefits for employees that reduce employer payroll taxes
    • education for organizations and employees on the financial and environmental benefits of walking, biking, carpooling, using carshares, taking public transit, and telecommuting
    • step-by-step overview of local alternate transportation options – tailored to specific organizational needs
    • hands-on training for using active transportation (e.g., training for bike commuting, help with linking to various carpool networks and carshares, navigating the bus, tips for walking, set-ups for telecommuting, etc.)
    • assistance with incentive and encouragement programs for employees’ use of active transportation; tailoring to meet each party’s circumstance (where they live, where they work, lifestyle, activities, etc.)
    • environmentally-responsible and financially savvy car maintenance education – to ensure dependable employee transportation.
  • $300 – 15 MinuteLunch & Learn” Eco-Driving Trainings For businesses or organizations interested in offering an employee benefit that  improves the reliability of employee transportation, decreases time during the work day spent on personal business, and builds morale. Four 15 minute lunch sessions – can be set up for different time intervals (all four over one week, once a week for four weeks, or once a month for four months). Includes fun learning exercises and Q&A on:
    • cost-saving and crucial car maintenance
    • true financial costs of car ownership and tips for budgeting
    • money-saving driving tips
    • planning for maintenance.

Please contact Sarah via e-mail at or phone (207) 200-1910 if you have questions or would like to purchase a particular package.

Cushman Transportation Consulting, LLC can assist your business or organization to plan strategically for your transportation needs and the needs of your employees.  This helps you save money – and at the same time be public health and environmental stewards in your community.  Reliable and comprehensive transportation choice are the best financial and environmental fit for your workplace, school, organization, place of worship, or other congregating site.