For Individuals & Families

Thinking about ways to have one less vehicle in your household and save more money?

Want to know more ways to drive softly on the earth?

Need a second opinion?

Save time, money, and feel on top of things with Cushman Transportation Consulting’s vehicle and active transportation consultations.

Listed are both the hourly rate and the most popular packages – all can be adjusted to your particular circumstance.  And if you think of something else you would like to set up – feel free to ask.  They make great gifts, too!

  • $60/hour – Individual Consults on Specific Alternate Transportation Questions – Walking, bicycling, carpooling, vanpooling, carsharing, using bus or rail, alternate work weeks, and telecommuting
  • $150 – Getting Around Without (or With One Less) CarInformation, brainstorming, and hands-on session(s) for the individual or family trying to decrease car use to save money and/or protect the environment – or someone you would like to encourage in that direction – and who may have questions and concerns about practical alternatives. Consultation includes: assessment of individual or family automobile trips and transportation needs; step-by-step overview of local alternate transportation options – walking, biking, carpooling, using carshares, taking public transit, and telecommuting – tailored to specific needs; hands-on training for using alternate transportation (e.g., training for bike commuting, help with linking to various carpool networks and carshares, navigating the bus, tips for walking,  set-ups for telecommuting, etc.) Tailored to meet each party’s circumstance (where they live, where they work, lifestyle, activities, etc.), this consult also includes concrete information on the significant financial benefits of decreased car use and tips for selling vehicles.
  • $60 – Second Opinion on Auto Repair Bill Up to 1 hour reviewing an auto repair shop’s estimate, bill, and/or recommendations – to offer an independent view on costs and necessity of the work. Cushman Transportation Consulting does not perform auto repair and thus will not benefit from vehicle maintenance and repairs that Sarah recommends.
  • $150 – Drivers Getting to Know to Their Vehicles: for drivers (young and older alike!) who have questions about maintaining their vehicles and would like to find answers to questions like: What exactly is under the hood of my car? And how do I get inside there, anyway? What do those lights on the dash mean – and what should I keep track of when I’m driving? How do I check my fluids or my tire pressure? What kind of maintenance is important for my vehicle – and when? How do I build a relationship with a garage I can trust? How can I be more environmentally conscious as a car owner, regardless of what I drive? This session includes: meeting to go over these questions and build skills using the owner’s vehicle; information that demonstrates how good, comprehensive vehicle maintenance actually saves the owner money over time.

Please contact Sarah via e-mail at or phone (207) 200-1910 if you have questions or would like to purchase a particular package.

Cushman Transportation Consulting is committed to helping individuals and families save money, improve their health, and care for their environment – through conscientious vehicle maintenance and driving practices, exploration of alternate transportation choices, and smart decisions about their true transportation needs.

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