Thanks to Maine Cyclist for Feature on Family Bicycling Sabbatical

April 17, 2017 at 7:17 am Leave a comment

Many thanks to Frank Gallagher and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine crew for featuring our family cross-country bicycling sabbatical in the Spring 2017 edition of  Maine Cyclist magazine. Hard to believe we were just starting out this month a year ago! Actually, it still feels a bit surreal that we did it.

Just as the article shares, I still have such gratitude for the gift of those months on the bike. Physically imprinting our country’s landscapes and having the time to meet and talk with (and have our family cared for by) so many different people. Such a breadth of life and place in our country…

Entry filed under: Active Transportation.

Southern Maine Transit Tracker seeking feedback on its tracking system April 29, June 3 & 4: Your Chance to Feel Confident Riding a Bike in Traffic!

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